The Team

The Team


Gerdus Oosthuizen

Gerdus has always been fascinated by sound, from the eery tick-tock of his grandfather’s clock to the conundrum of how the ocean could fit it’s voice inside a shell. He soon realised that sonic alchemy was the closest thing to magic he would find and the closest to a wizard he would become is a sound designer. Gerdus played in numerous bands in South Africa while attending Stellenbosch University and also studying Electronic Music Production and Sound Design through Berklee Online. After graduating from Berklee, he started creating  music and sound design for film. In 2016 he moved to Berlin to further his career in sound. 


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Le-Roi Nel

For over a decade of making music in bars, festival grounds, culture clubs and places he would rather forget, Le-Roi has been getting paid to research which sounds evoke which emotions in people. This knowledge, partnered with his love of traveling, photography and communication, is where his inspiration is drawn from. The challenge of packaging it all creatively into sound pieces which meets someone’s needs is what drew him to sound design three years ago. Since then, he’s developed an addiction to pushing himself creatively within the rubric of someone else’s briefs and deadlines.



phone: +49 176 7492 3299
phone: +49 151 5109 6730



+49 176 7492 3299
+49 151 5109 6730